April 06, 2007

A Look At Tonight's Starters

Tonight the Mets (3-0) take on the Braves (3-0) at Turner Field. Here's a preview of the pitching match up:

Oliver Perez:
Newly refined Perez starts the Mets' first game in Atlanta on Friday night following an exhibition season thatsuggests the term "project" soon will be obsolete in his case. It was Perez's five-hit shutout of the Braves at Shea on Sept. 6 that persuaded the club that the erratic, left-handed 25 year old could be "fixed." Of course, Perez allowed three home runs and six runs in 5 1/3 innings three weeks later in his first appearance at Turner Field. Because of his slider, he now is the pitcher most likely to throw the Mets' first no-hitter.

Mark Redman:
Since signing with the Braves on March 9, Redman has given indication that he'll prove to be an innings-eater capable of giving them a chance to win on a consistent basis. He won 14 games for the world champion Marlins in 2003 and 11 games for a Royals club that lost 100 games last year. After developing a cutter in early August, the veteran left-hander proceeded to provide four quality starts in his final eight outings.

Let the war begin...

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