April 12, 2007

Should The Mets Call Tonight's Game Now?

John Delcos at lo Hud, writes about tonight's game:

The Mets have a chance to do the right thing and to do it right now.

All too often teams wait until the last minute before calling a game. They’ll have a lousy forecast, yet make the fans come out there, pay for parking—which is not refundable—and concessions and then call the game. The forecast is terrible for tonight and it’s the Phillies. If it does stop raining it will be cold and miserable. They’ll be back in town again. Call it now and make everybody happy.

Which reminds me. How MLB schedules its games in April is ridiculous. The Indians-Seattle series was a joke. How are they going to make those games up? For the first two weeks, games should be within the division as much as possible to allow for make-up doubleheaders later. And, schedule in the dome stadiums and warm weather cities early.

Some people would call it common sense.

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