April 12, 2007

What's Going On?

The greatest thing of being a Met fan for me is that whenever you expect one thing from them, they turn around and give you another. It’s almost like a magic trick of sorts. You feel that they’re going to go into a situation and be completely dominated by the opposition and some how or another, they overcome the circumstances and prevail. That was in the mid to late eighties. And now that seems to happen in the mid two thousands.

The Mets may be stuck with what seems to be a daunting task ahead of them (their schedule). But growing up a Met fan I just feel this is one more time the Mets supposedly have their backs agenst the wall. In the end, I feel, they’ll overcome the adversity of being the underdogs.

But what I don’t understand is when the Mets go into a game agenst a pitcher with a thirteen and a half earned run average and only get a mere two runs on him. They’re supposed to have an American League offense in a league where small ball is the lord. The Mets are supposed to be able to hit, run, steal bases, bunt and clobber the ball. Where is all this? So far the only people this season who have shown that they’re the team that opposing pitchers fear is Shawn Green and Jose Reyes. Without those two, the team wouldn’t be five and three.

The Mets have to get their proverbial heads out of their back sides and start hitting the ball like we all know they can.

I know it’s only eight or so games into the season. But they’re already two games back to the Atlanta Braves. They have to realize that Atlanta is a vastly improved team and that it’s not going to be as easy a season as last year.

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