April 18, 2007

Squaring Off Agenst The D-Train

Tonight at Dolphins Stadium the Mets square off agenst Dontrelle Willis. Forget the rest of the Marlins. The real battle’s agenst the D-Train.

In all of Willis’s starts agenst the Mets, he’s only lost twice. Twice! That’s complete domination if you ask me.

But the mets have a Y factor this year. Moises Alou is hotter than hot right now and was specifically brought in to help the Mets agenst Left Handed pitching. Besides, the Mets are heading to Miami. If there were a time to make up for the lack of home runs, now is definitely the time.

So let’s see if the Mets can play Superman and stop the D-Train before it runs us Mets fans over.

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