April 11, 2007

What One Phillie Fan Had To Say

Michael Bornmann at Driven To Deep Center, had the folowing to say regarding his team's horrible start and the Mets:

A new Phillies trash can to replace the horrible dents I put in the old one: 15 dollarsPeroxide and Band-aids for my bloody knuckles: 8 dollarsTouch up paint to fix the marker explosion on the wall: 10 dollarsA new pair of socks that got bloody from kicking the steel frame on my bed: 3 dollarsA new hamster ball that was smashed: 7 dollarsWatching the Phillies start the season off 1-6 for the second straight year and finding a way to apologize to my dog for screaming at it: ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!

Here is something to ponder that a buddy of mine said yesterday:"I don't know who I hate more right now, the Phillies or the Mets"

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