April 11, 2007

Who Can End The Mets No Hitter Streak?

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, comments on who he thinks has the best chance this season for throwing a no hitter:

A buddy of mine and I were debating which of the current Mets starters has the best chance to break the teams no no-hitter streak…that on any given day if his stuff was on, who is the guy most capable of shutting down the opposing team, and maybe even tossing the no hitter…

“My argument was, other than Pedro Martinez, that Oliver Perez has the best chance…I would have to say though that the Dark Horse is Mike Pelfrey, who can seem unhittable with that sinker and by getting the ball in play he keeps his pitch count down.”

...i would also get my hopes up when John Maine pitches, because when he has his fastball moving, batters tend to make weak contact and put balls in play that can be played with relative ease...

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