April 11, 2007

Just Stop

Ok I know I’ve been away from posting on Shea Nation for a wile (about a month), but I do have other writers who have posted on the site while I was away and they continued monitoring activity around Shea Nation. Thank you David Rubin, Jonathan Elfenbein (Mets Trades, Tirades and GM Grades) and Ed Ryan (Mets Fever) for picking up my slack.

Now, that being said, two things have been brought to my attention:

1. A fellow Mets site has apparently been stealing columns from Shea Nation and passing them off as their own. I know that everyone in the Blogging community are all vying for the same readers and feel that their site is the best. But it’s not appreciated when a fellow Mets site can’t come up with the posts they need in time and, with no remorse, goes ahead and plagiarizes work from another blog without giving the original site credit for their work. We, here, at Shea Nation take pride in what we do and when we post an article from another site, whether it be from a news source or blog, we give the original author the credit and in no way pass it off as our own.

So, for now on, I would greatly appreciate it greatly if those other sites, which use our posts, would give us over here at Shea Nation our reference that we deserve. And remember, just because we aren’t naming who you are, we know. We just don’t want to start any problems. Thank You.

2. The hardest thing to swallow out of anything is when a site administrator works for a long period of time to improve his or her site to look the best they possibly can get it and someone comes along and just out rite steals the format. So Vinnie, over at Still Amazin, please take down your current format and come up with your own. I do, however like those random banners of the 69, 86, 00 and current teams that you have up. That must have taken some real time to create and would have been original if we didn’t come up with the idea ourselves.

Thank you, everyone, for listening to my gripes with fellow bloggers on the web and I hope that those in mention will revert their ways and give us here at Shea Nation the respect we deserve.

John Young

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Anonymous said...

Right on sir...Right on. It about time someone says anything about these "nappy headed ho's"(Thanks Mr Imus for taking that back.)