April 11, 2007

The Makings Of A Great Year

With Atlanta going 6 and 1 and Florida going 5 and 2 to open their seasons, it figures that this year will be a no rules throw down until at least late August.

Those Fighting Phillies are currently showing why they’re the team to beat. Opening their season at 1 and 6, shows the league that maybe they’re not as fixed as Jimmy Rollins and Bret Myers would like to think.

So, with the mets showing their ability by opening their season at 5 and 2 (should be 6 and 1), they have to send a message to the Phillies tonight and the rest of the league. By beating the Phillies tonight, they would be forcing them down by at least 6 games in the East and help them to dig that hole that was started by Freddy Garcia going down. Besides, at this point, the Mets have to keep playing at the top of their game just to keep up with the newly rejuvenated Braves.

Delgado seems to be breaking out of his beginning season slump and Wright seems to be gaining speed on his bat. All signs point to greatness. The only thing that’s left is to take the path less traveled back to the top of the National League East and reclaim the title won last year.

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