April 11, 2007

Endy Chavez Q & A

Sandra Guzman at The New York Post, conducts a question and answer session withEndy Chavez about his life and being on the Mets:

Describe your childhood?

We were the poorest in the neighborhood in terms of economics. But it terms of family unity, love and joy, we were the richest. My family upbringing is key to my success. We’re tight. My dad is an herrero - he makes windows, gates, with iron. I always helped him in his shop. I have an older sister, Eneidy, and a younger brother, Ender.

Do you remember your first baseball game?

I was about six when my mom took me to a baseball clinic. And they told her that they were not accepting any more students. But, to be nice, the coaches asked me to show them what I knew, so I did - I knew how to hold a glove and a bat.

And here you are today. Let’s relive the incredible catch in the World Series.

It was fast. When the ball was hit, I knew that I had to run fast. I also saw that it was going to be on the other side of the fence. I waited for the ball to drop, placed my glove in the direction it was coming. I had very little hope. Then I jumped and felt the heat of the ball. I was like, oh, se metio, it’s in. I was surprised. Then I thought that I had dropped it in the park, and when I didn’t it see it roll I just reached for it and threw it to Velentin.

Making an outstanding double play.

I didn’t realize what I did until I saw it on the screen in replay. Then I saw. Wow, wow, wow.

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