April 25, 2007

What A Squeeze

Marty Noble at Mets.com, writes about the twelve inning thriller that ended with a drag bunt by Endy Chavez:

Some 45 minutes after the Mets had left the field, their smiles hadn't left their faces. They were little-boy smiles, broader and brighter than usual. The Mets were getting giddy with it. They'll be happy when they reassemble Wednesday morning after a sleep-fast overnight. But on Tuesday night, they were more than that -- silly and giddy, almost drunk with the joy of the moment. And, they were once again amazed by Endy Chavez and his ability to create memories. Now another image of Chavez is in the Mets' minds, right next door to the one of his remarkable catch in the playoffs last season. This one has him expertly dragging a bunt to right side, barely beyond the sprawl of Rockies reliever Ryan Speier, and ending a 12-inining game the Mets could have lost just as easily.

"It's definitely one win we're going to remember because it's unique," Shawn Green said. "It seems like Endy always gives you something that grabs your attention"

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