April 25, 2007

Wright Will Snap Out Of It

Bob Herzog at Newsday, writes about David Wright in his slump and Willie Randolph's confidence in him to snap out of it:

"A slump is a long period of time that you're out of sync mechanically," Randolph said. "It's not 14 or 15 at-bats. I don't call them slumps. I've seen guys that are supposed to be in slumps and they might hit the ball right on the nose 15 out of 25 times and not get any hits. It might be tough luck, but it's not a slump."

The truth is, Wright wasn't hitting that well before the hitless streak, a fact that was disguised by the 12-game hitting streak he had to start the season that officially was a 26-game streak counting the final 14 games of 2006. "When he was on the hitting streak, people weren't even talking about this," Randolph said. "I'm not concerned enough to overanalyze his swing.

"Wright referred to his slow start as "one of those ruts. Even during the hitting streak I wasn't really feeling that comfortable at the plate."

The evidence of that isn't so much the .261 average and 20 strikeouts Wright had through the first 18 games. It was the lack of production. He entered last night's game with zero home runs and four RBIs. That's not what is expected from a No. 5 hitter.

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