May 09, 2007

Bald Is Beautiful

Mzarty Noble at, writes about the Mets and their new look:

Before batting practice and evidently after little forethought, the Mets got buzzed. One by one, players tread into a room by the shower room looking quite normal, and one by one, they emerged shorn like sheep. For no apparent reason other than "they could," they had their hair reduced to boot-camp length by Carlos "The Barber" Beltran, a man of unquestioned tonsorial skill.

It was palpable peer pressure at work. All but a few conceded to the shear magic of Beltran, even Shawn Green, who had vowed to be the last man, submitted to the supposedly unifying experience. He became Shorn Green.

But not all went willingly. Wondering about the demonstration of unity, David Newhan asked, "Can't we just pull our pants [legs] up?" After all, Newhan, Green and Jorge Sosa had the most to lose.

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