May 09, 2007

Glavine Gets 294 In Win

Marty Noble at, writes about the Mets 4 to 1 win over the Giants last night:

And so it was that the 294th victory of Glavine's career -- a sidecar to the Mets' 4-1 victory -- took precedence over the 745th home run of Bonds' career, if not here, then anywhere baseball achievement is measured at the bottom line and objectivity is just a local call.

Glavine won the battle and war, withstanding Bonds' latest assault on Henry Aaron and all the disciples of 755 and moving to within six victories of his own personal objective, a 300 game. And all the while, the Mets were benefiting, assuring themselves of producing a winning record on this seven-game excursion.

Shortly after they had participated in a group haircut -- a demonstration of unity they said wasn't necessary -- the Mets all got together and beat up Matt Cain, the Giants' starting pitcher.

The Mets scored three runs before the game was six batters old and essentially coasted from there, putting an end to Glavine's streak of winless starts and providing manager Willie Randolph the 200th victory of his 356-game career.

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