May 03, 2007

Can And Should Reyes Steal 100?

Anthony De Rosa at Mets Blog, writes about Jose Reyes and asks if it's really necessary for him to steal a hundred bases this year:

Jayson Stark on ESPN speaks with people around baseball who all seem to think the way the game is played now makes it difficult for it to happen.A general manager Stark spoke to, doesn't feel like it helps the team for Reyes to put his body at risk.

"I think Jose Reyes can do anything he wants to do," said the GM we surveyed. "But stealing 100 -- it does take a lot of wear and tear on the body. And I think they've got to measure that within the perspective of where they want to go this season. If it takes too much out of him and he's beat up by Labor Day, is it worth it? So the real question is, will they need him to steal 100 bases [to win]? Personally, I doubt it."Washington Nationals manager and former Mets third base coach, Manny Acta, doesn't feel like Reyes needs to steal because often times he's already in scoring position or has enough offense behind him drive him in.

"There are a lot of situations where he could probably steal," Acta said. "But having those big guys hitting behind him would stop him. … That's something I've talked to him about. He knows how many bases he can steal. But how many productive bases can he steal and still allow the guys behind him to swing the bats?"

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