May 03, 2007

The Captain

Ed Ryan at Mets Trades (Shea Nation Network), writes about the Mets and their should be Captain:

Many have speculated as to who will be the next captain of this team, Willie elected not select a captain last year with so many new and young players on the roster. The most common nomminees amongst the blogosphere are David Wright, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. But we don't pick the true captain of a team nor does the manager by simply putting a "C" on a players uniform. The captain is the field commander of the team, the leader in the dug out and the guy the club rallies around. It's a natural evolution of a club as the necleus developes, Willie was smart to wait and watch, but know there is a Captain. He may not be the youngest player, who will be around for as long as the others and he might not get all the commercial deals but he is the leader on the field.

When Shawn Green almost lost his job to a rookie because he was slumping, this was the guy that sat and watched tapes with him. When Oliver Perez became flustered on the mound he was the guy, who knew nothing about pitching but went over and talked to him. When he finally hit his first home run of the season which was very late for him, he immediately turned to his fellow struggling teammate to give him words of encouragement. He gels the young players with the veterans and is respected by them all. He does all the little things that typically go unnoticed. Aside from calming down a young pitcher he knows when to take a walk to the mound to give the pen a little time. When there's a meeting of the infield, at the mound he stands guard to ensure the other team isn't ease dropping. When a player makes a fielding error you'll regularly see him pointing at the player giving him a form of non-verbal encouragement. As the media has decended upon each player that has gone through their struggles, the player in the worst slump has been untouchable because of the respect he demands.

This team already has a captain and he should wear the "C", his name is Carlos Delgado.

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