May 24, 2007

Could Teixeira Be Had?

There seems to be rumors blowing around the baseball community that the Texas Rangers may be looking to trade Mark Teixeira because his contract is going to expire after this season. The reasoning behind this is one of two things, or both. Teixeira has amounted a superior career early and often. In years, he’s averaged a .284 (.307 this season) batting average and .366 (.390 this season) on base percentage, has 148 home runs, 479 runs batted in, 11 stolen bases in his 4 years of service for the Rangers. Also his agent happens to be Scott Boras. This factor, probably, is the driving force behind why the Rangers want to trade him.

Although the Mets aren’t in dire need of a first baseman yet, Delgado is starting to show his age and has only one more season left with the Mets.

For the Mets to pass up an opportunity like Mark Teixeira, who happens to only be 26, would be a huge mistake.

I know the Yankees are going to be in the mix for Teixeira, but if the Mets could put together a nice package deal for him, they should have no problem obtaining the slugging switch hitter (should Texas want to trade him).

Mets offer:

Carlos Delgado (Mets assume a portion of his contract),Mike Carp, Phillip Humber and Lastings Milledge

Mets get:

Mark Teixeira

The trade idea isn’t reflective on the way that Delgado isn’t producing at the plate right now, but rather because a young first baseman who does everything Delgado does and can be locked up for a number of years with the right contract is just too good to pass up.


Anonymous said...

not going to happen. bet your blog password against my signed ken grifey jr jock strap.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's so much as a go after him, but rather an in a perfect world. The yankees have the best chances at landing him. they just might be desperite enough and the rangers have dealt with them before...

Anonymous said...

It would take more than that to get tex

maybe if they threw in heilman too, than maybe