May 30, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Franco's Bat Struggles

Why does Randolph keep going to Julio Franco in late innings? I know that the Mets bench is in a lack of experienced depth because of the injuries to Alou, Green and Valentin, but Willie has to have confidence in his younger players.

Joel via E-mail

I see your point.

Franco is only batting .188 in 32 at bats. That’s 6 hits. Franco has seemed to have lost speed in his bat and can’t seem to keep to keep up with the pitchers anymore. I mean, he’s only 48. Not exactly in the prime of his career.

I guess Willie uses him in those late inning situations because of his experience and how he used to come through last season. The only problem I have with this, and it’s a big one, is that that was last season.

Keep your head up and remember, Joel, the Mets are in first place. Just keep telling yourself that until either Willie realizes that Julio can’s hit that much anymore or Franco starts producing.

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