May 30, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Perez, The Ace?

Do you think that Oliver Perez could possibly become the Mets staff ace in two years? Look at the stats. He’s pitching like 2004. What do you think?

Mike via E-mail

Do I think that Oliver Perez will be the Mets ace? I’d give that a strong maybe.

Does Perez have the stuff? Certainly. The only thing I’d be worried about would be his inability to hold it together when the game starts to crumble in front of him.

Perez is showing dominance like 2004, when he posted a 12-10 record and an ERA of 2.98. In 10 starts, he’s 6-3 with an ERA of 2.69.

That’s much improved from his 6.38 ERA last season.

With all those factors in, yes he could be the ace. Only if he got passed all of his emotions. Then he would become a dominant starter for years to come.

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