May 16, 2007

The End Of Milledge?

Jim Baumbach at The Advocate, writes about Lastings Milledge and his rap song:

No doubt there's a sentiment inside the Mets front office that they missed their best chance to trade Milledge. Surely by now every team out there is well aware of the Mets' level of frustration with the young outfielder, which was evident in the statement they issued yesterday.

"We disapprove of the content, language and message of this recording, which does not represent the views of the New York Mets." Which can be loosely translated as saying, 'Why can't this guy just focus all of his energy on playing pro baseball and keep himself out of controversy?'

The track "Bend Ya Knees" can be heard at, the official Web site for Milledge's record company. He told in spring training that he is the president of the company, has written two songs and produced 13 others. But he didn't want the spotlight.

"What people will look at ... my image, I want to keep that clean," Milledge was quoted as saying.

In another article by The Advocate, Jim Baumach, writes aboutMilledges apology:
The manager for the rap artist Manny D insisted to Newsday today that the song featuring Lastings Milledge and some questionable lyrics was only a demo track and was never meant to be public.

"I just spoke with Lastings, and he wants everyone to know he apologizes to anyone who was offended by it, that he's going to take it down from the Web site and that it was originally made just for fun in the recording studio," said David Rodriguez, Manny D's manager.

Milledge just can't keep his image clean. He's looking more and more like a constant threat to offend fans or players without even trying. The best solution would be to just get rid of him before his stock drops too far. I bet the A's still want him and Heilman.

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