May 16, 2007

Former Met Prospect Update: Jason Isringhausen

Patrick Andriola at Gotham Baseball, writes about Jason Isringhausen and how the Mets had no idea what they had:

The Mets thought that Jason Isringhausen was a busted prospect, so thought nothing of it when they dealt him for the legendary Billy Taylor. There was no reason then to complain when Armando Benitez was blowing saved, because Isringhausen was busy becoming a two-time All-Star closer. Ever since he’s left the Mets, David Weathers has become a solid middle reliever and now a good closer. There are other notable names that the Mets gave up on during the past decade or two: Paul Byrd, Carl Everett, Jeff Kent, Jay Payton, Pete Walker, and others that escaped he grasps of the Mets minors to join the farm of another organization.
I forgot all about this one. Isringhausen has a 1.80 ERA, 11 strike outs and 10 saves for the cardinals this year. Definitely a cheaper closer than Wagner (not that I'm complaining). Looking at all these passed by Prospects, makes me a little depressed.

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