May 07, 2007

The Fourth Outfielder

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about Endy Chavez:

The long debate continues as to whether Endy Chavez should be a bench player or a starter. Last year Chavez started the year as a questionable signing but as the year progress and the injuries mounted to players like Cliff Floyd and Xavior Nady, Chavez proved his worth. By the end of the season most fans were calling for him to be the starting left fielder, the club contended that Chavez wouldn't have the stamina for regular work and would either suffer a drop off or injury. A year later and our fourth outfielder once again looks like a starter anywhere else, it's nice to have that kinda depth.

We're in the fifth inning here and Chavez already has two hits. Which leads us to wonder -- just how valuable is Chavez? He wanted to pursue a starting job this winter, but opted to re-sign with the Mets as the fourth outfielder. And on most days - like this one -- he looks as good as anyone in the lineup. source Steve Popper

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