May 07, 2007

Joining The Network & Hats Off To John!!!!

About a year ago, John Young contacted me regarding my site, MetsTrades, and we discussed sharing posts to grow both of our audiences. In time, due to moving from one state to another, and some deaths in the family, I haven't been able to post as many times as I or our fans would like. The one constant on my site, as well as this site, has been John Young! John and the team that's been assembled has often broken news before other, larger sites, as well as offered great insight into all things Mets! We've been copied by other sites, from originally stating "In Omar We Trust" some 16 months ago, to the actual content and lay-out of our site. In that time, we've always credited other sites for info, even when they have not, and have been gentlemen about the whole thing because we all have one focus, and that's our beloved METS!!!

When John and I discussed expanding our collective sites, we agreed that adding additional posters was great, but we prefer people who have their own sites to add to our network so that, whenever someone wants a different view or slant about the Mets, or just a different lay-out to look at, it would be available to them. Everyone in our network, as John said in the previous post, can post on SheaNation, and they will also, in the future, be set up to post on Mets Trades as well (and I'm still waiting for the new DSL to be set up at home- should be any day now!!!).

We don't make money on these sites -we all have day jobs. We respect and appreciate those sites, such as MetsBlog, that do this full-time and we are unashamed to promote these sites as additional sources of news, views, etc. What we DO is share bandwidth with fellow Mets' fans, hoping that in the exchange of info and stories, we are all the better for it as we will our team to the World Series. We're not in competition...we'll leave that for the boys on the field...we are fans, first and foremost, who enjoy sharing the news and our views with you, our loyal readers!

If you want to post with us, great, we're glad to have you...if you simply want to read, we love that just as much...and we hope you'll share our sites with other Mets' fans, in hopes of reaching out to as many fellow Mets-lovers as we can!

Thanks for a great 17 months of reading, and like our team this season, the best is yet to come!!!

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