May 07, 2007

Is Perez BONDED???

Tonight will prove most interesting, as (slightly) immovable object (Bonds' bat) meets irresistible force (Oliver Perez's 95 mph heater) and sparks will fly, one way or the other...

Perez, for parts of the past 2 seasons, has been a major enigma for Mets' fans - and we don't have to go back into that territory here (it's been drudged up every time he takes the mound!) The big question is, To Pitch to Bonds, or NOT to Pitch to Bonds...a question we'll be asking ourselves for the next 3 days.

Bonds was a late pick-up for my Fantasy team, so I am rooting to see him hit a solo shot off Perez in the 4th, as the Mets knock Zito out in the same inning with 6 runs and go on to win 8-1 (and OP fans 8!) I am not a fan of Bonds, not because of steroids, but because he is simply mean to fans (I've witnessed it myself), you know, those of us who are ACTUALLY paying his salary via ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc...but, as a hitter, gotta love seeing that home run trot for the sake of my (horribly injured) fantasy team...If you go back to one of our posts from last June (or thereabouts), you can read 2 excellent articles about Bonds, one from my brother, Michael, and one from Jonathan and I...they're worth reading - here are some links: Michael's Article and My Article.

The Jekyll vs. Hyde battle continues...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Todd McFarlane, maker of the great sports figurines we post about here often, announced that his company has created a special Barry Bonds figure to commemorate his hitting home run #756. It will ship one day after Bonds breaks the record, and is in addition to the All-Star, limited edition figure that will be released for sale at this years' All-Star Game in San Fran. For pictures, head over to his website (click that word).

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