May 01, 2007

Kind Of Felt Bad For The Guy

Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about Chan Ho Park:

Kevin who fills in for John Delcos at Lo Hud Journal gives us some insight into the locker room after the game. When I hear stuff like this, I want to give the guy another chance with a little more help from the defense, he wins the game.
Odds are Chan Ho won’t get another start. At least, thatwas the sense in the locker room after the game. Sometimes reporters have a knee-jerk reaction to things like this. But I tend to agree.

It was a pretty awkward postgame. During the interviews, a reporter from Korea reminded Randolph that Jose Valentin was hurt and then asked “Would Valentin have caught that ball” in reference to the third-inning line drive that Damion Easley dropped, opening the door for the five runs.

Then with Park in the interview room, he was asked two questions he didn’t particularly appreciate: 1. Would you give yourself another chance to start after tonight’s performance?; and 2. Did you think you can still pitch in the big leagues?Park was clearly bothered by the line of questioning. He actually said at one point “You might be laughing at me, but I’m trying my hardest.” Kind of felt bad for the guy.

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