May 01, 2007

Why Keep Pelfrey Up?

Over at his Mailbag at, Marty Noble, answers a question about Mike Pelfrey. In general, the question is, why are the Mets sticking with Pelfrey right now?":

The Mets are trying to strike a "pay now, benefit later" balance with Pelfrey. The club determined in Spring Training that Pelfrey was closer than Humber, Vargas or Park, to being a pitcher who could win regularly now and, in particular, during the second half of the season. The Mets knew Pelfrey would stub his toe, but believed he would benefit from being pushed. Others pitching effectively in the Minor Leagues assures them of nothing at the big-league level.

Yours is one of dozens of e-mails about Pelfrey. Everyone wants Humber, Vargas, Park or even Jorge Sosa to be promoted. Unless you're watching New Orleans games, you probably are judging their readiness from bottom line statistics. The Mets personnel is there everyday to assess the pitchers' readiness. Least you all but labeled junior Steinbrenners, be a tad more patient.

Who knows? Pelfrey's bowling ball sinker may click Tuesday night against the Marlins. If it doesn't, the season won't even be one-sixth old. Take a breath.

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