May 15, 2007

Mets Should Trade For 2nd Base

Let’s face the facts. The Mets need a second baseman. They need a good, young player. I fully believe that’s all they need to compete for years.

Below I’m going to list possible trade ideas for the Mets to obtain such a player(not that they’ll do it, but still good to speculate):

Aaron Hill (Toronto Blue Jays):

With the Blue Jays falling out of contention, about as fast as one team could fall, we could possibly see a fire sale of their players. So, how about Aaron Hill?

Hill is only 25 and in his third Major League year at second. A career .284 hitter and already reaching his career high in home runs (6), hill has the potential to be a power threat and a great fit for the Mets and their young left side. Although his career fielding percentage isn’t anything to gasp about (.976), his career fielding percentage at second is .986. That’s pretty good for a young player with his bat.

Proposal: Lastings Milledge, Ruben Gotay, Jason Vargas

Jose Lopez (Seattle Mariners):

The Mariners have three guys who all play second in Lopez, Bloomquist and Vidro. So I believe the Mets may be able to pry Jose Lopez away from them.

Lopez is only batting .255 this season so far, but he’s shown with regular playing time he can produce some nice numbers. In 2005 Lopez only appeared in 54 games and had a batting average of .247 and had a mere 2 home runs. But in 2006 he was in 151 games and hit .282 with 10 homers. Also, surrounded by the Mets lineup and being only 23, Lopez has a chance to flourish for years besides Reyes and Wright.

Proposal: Ambiorix Burgos, Chan Ho Park, Anderson Hernandez

B.J. Upton (Tampa Bay Devil Rays):

The D-Rays are going nowhere quick. Being in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox, they’re already fighting a mighty hill battle. Maybe Omar could swing a deal for their young second baseman, B.J. Upton.

Upton is by no means a dominant hitter. He doesn’t hit too many home runs (until this year) and isn’t the flashiest fielder. Sporting a career .276 batting average, Upton has passed his career high home runs by 3(now has 7). It could be the fact that in the past he’s been used, primarily, as a bat off the bench. Acting as Tampa’s everyday second baseman, he’s amounted career highs in just about every category and we’re only into the season by a month and a half.

Proposal: Ruben Gotay, Kevin Mulvey, Ben Johnson

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