May 15, 2007

Ed On The Julio Trades

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Affiliate), writes about Jorge Julio and how he's bounced around:

The Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies exchanged struggling pitchers yesterday. The Marlins received starting pitcher Kim while sending closer Jorge Julio to the Rockies. At one time the Mets were allegedly interested in Kim as a minor leaguer and back-up plan, but that option appeared to close with the signing of Lawrence who will fill that role. Julio who had his best success under Peterson and is a free agent at the end of the year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him on a minor league contract next year. More importantly Kim was an option for the Orioles since they need several starters and are looking for low budget types. With Kim out of the picture, a Park trade may be more feasible and they have several appealing relievers that they may be willing to part with.

Jorge Julio's tenuous tenure with the Marlins ended on Sunday when the 28-year-old right-handed reliever was traded to the Rockies for right-hander Byung-Hyun Kim. source

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