May 15, 2007

Mota's First Appearance

Adam Rubin at Surfing the Mets, writes about Guillermo Mota and his first extended ST appearance:

Guillermo Mota made his Zephyrs debut Monday night at Las Vegas. Pitching for Triple-A New Orleans, Mota pitched a scoreless eighth, allowing one hit and striking out one batter in a 7-5 loss. Barring a rainout, he'll be activated May 30, for the Mets' 51st game. He was eligible to begin making minor-league rehab appearances before paying crowds 16 days before that activation. Mota is serving a 50-game suspension for a positive steroid test. The Mets gave him a sweetheart two-year, $5 million deal despite the cheating. The club backloaded $3.2 million in the second year, because Mota will forfeit about 32% of this year's salary.

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