May 15, 2007

Why Not Trade Ambres?

Could the Mets use Chip Ambres in a trade for a 2nd baseman? I know, I’ve been on a “Mets need a young 2nd baseman” kick for the past couple of days.

Ambres has been doing surprisingly well in Triple-A this year. He’s hitting .282, has 5 home runs, 4 stolen bases and 18 RBI’s. Besides this, Ambres was at one time the number 6 prospect in the Florida Marlins system (2000). It was seven years ago, but that has to count for a little.

Who knows? Maybe Ambres is ready to finally make the permanent jump to the Majors. Just not with the Mets. They have too much outfield talent to fall back on and sit on a prospect like Ambres, without getting anything of value in return.

I say package him together with a Triple-A pitcher for a player the Mets need or even might need in the not so distant future.

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