May 03, 2007

NY boos vs. Philly Boos

Shawn Powell at Newsday, compares booing a player in New York, against booing a player in Philadelphia:

By booing their own, New York fans not only show they care, they show how tough they are. And don't underestimate that last part. New York has a proud reputation to keep and tries hard to uphold the tradition, no matter how infamous it might be. And for the record, there's a big difference between New York boos and the notorious Philadelphia boos, which Mets closer Billy Wagner, who has felt both, can cite from experience.

"Those are a frustrated group of people down there," said Wagner, in all seriousness, about Philly. "They're belligerent to your family. They're unhappy even when you're winning."

So there you have it. New York fans can be cruel, but they have standards. Philly fans need therapy.

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