May 03, 2007

Why Can't The Mets Beat The Braves?

With (National League Player Of The Month) Reyes, Lo Duca and a Scorching Beltran at the top of the order, opposing pitchers have to wonder what they did in a previous life to deserve this. To make matters worse, if you get past the top of the order, you still have to contend with Delgado, Wright and Alou. Thank God I’m past that right? Not so fast. Here comes Green and Easley/Gotay. Forget about a breather.

Not only are the Mets boasting the National League Player of the Month (Jose Reyes) and the National League Pitcher of the Month (John Maine), three of the Mets pitchers have Earned Run Averages under the three and a half mark (Tom Glavine 2.80, Oliver Perez 3.41; John Maine 1.35).

It’s a shame that the Mets couldn’t get Glavine more wins than he’s got so far (3). He could easily have been four and one, or even five and one at this point. But that’s the way the baseball rolls sometimes. Glavine’s looked nothing short of the Mets staff Ace once again and that’s exactly what the Mets need out of him until Pedro Martinez makes his way back to the top of the rotation.

The point I’m trying to make is, “Why aren’t the Mets in first place right now?”

If it were any team other than the Braves, the Mets would be man handling the division again. But because it’s the Braves, the Mets are falling back to the same old mentality, they’re the Braves and we’re just the Mets. Whether they want to admit it or not, this is how this season is going.

The Mets have out scored the Braves 32 to 27, but are on the losing side with a season record of 3 to 4.

Why can’t the Mets beat the Braves?

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Mike V said...

I don't think the Mets are falling into that old mentality - it's just an unfortunately reminiscent situation for us fans. Hardly any of the guys on the team, except for Glavine, were even on the team when Piazza called Turner Field "Death Valley"

The Mets still have 12 games against the Bravos. I think it will even out over the haul.