May 03, 2007

The Perez Trade

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about the Oliver Perez trade and compares it to past Mets trades:

Tim Marchman of The NY Sun takes a look at where the Oliver Perez trade stacks up amongst the all time Mets trades. Oliver Perez much like John Maine, was a throw in player in the Roberto Hernandez/ X. Nady deal. Nady had been obtained in the Off-season for Mike Cameron. The question becomes for me, which has been Omar's best trade; Jacobs/Delgado, Lo Duca/ Gaby Hernandez, Benson/Maine & El Duque, Seo/Sanchez or Perez/Cammy.

Perez isn't going to rate up there with Hernandez and Piazza unless he seriously contends for the Cy Young Award for several years and provides several more years of solid pitching after that. He does, though, have a real shot at ranking up there with two other fondly remembered Mets pitchers who were picked up for nothing: Sid Fernandez and David Cone.

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