May 10, 2007

Plan B

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about the Mets and what would happen if they're suddenly bit by the injury bug:

NY Sun reporter Kevin Goldstein takes a look at what happens if the injury bug hits the Mets pitching staff and just how good the backup plan is. I've noticed that the organization isn't very deep with fill-in players; they either have big leaguers or prospects that are not ready yet. An example of a good fill in player is Ruben Gotay or some refer to them as AAAA, not full time players but nice bench or replacement players during injuries.

On paper, things are going pretty well for the Mets. At 19–12, the team is tied for first place in the National League East, and a closer look at the statistics proves it has been even better than the win-loss record shows. Despite significantly substandard performances from run producers like Carlos Delgado and David Wright, the team leads the National League in runs scored. And in spite of a pitching staff perceived as having a weak rotation and a no-name bullpen in front of Billy Wagner, the Mets also lead the circuit with a team ERA of 2.99. So what's to worry about? Not a thing really, provided nothing goes awry, because a quick look at the backup plan shows that the Mets are like a piece of beautiful waterfront property — an enviable place to live to be sure, but if the floodwaters rise, you better have good insurance. The Mets' current policy comes up more than a little short.

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