May 09, 2007

Want To Be A Part Of The Network?

Myself and the other blogs on the Shea Nation Network are currently looking for a few good blogs to add to the family. We’re like an unofficial family per say.

Below are a few of the advantages that Members take advantage of:

1. Watch out for other sites copying your work. This site was found by Ed of Mets Fever (The Amazin Mets) As you can see, they out right stole my format.

2. Cover for each other, when and if you can, if the blog isn’t able to post for any reason.

3. I enable everyone to post on Shea Nation, to get more exposure for readers to come to your site and read your material regularly.

4. Add sidebar content from any of our sites.

5. I also make banners and can, if you want, update your site.

It’s ultimately your choice, but all of us here would be thrilled to welcome in a new member.

So if you have any interest, you can contact me through the “Want to be a part of the Shea Nation Network” link under the list of blog members in the, left, sidebar.

Hope to hear from some of you soon,

John Young

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