May 09, 2007

Best Met Games All Time

Over at Mets Walkoffs, they write about the Mets and the games that they feel were the top of the class (thanks to Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, for the link):

#1 (2000 NLDS G2, G3, G4)
Each One Better Than The LastChances are, if you've read this far, that you're quite familiar with Games 2, 3 and 4 of the 2000 NLDS between the Mets and the Giants, so I'll keep the details minimal and the perspective unusual.

Did you know that Barry Bonds was the final out of each of these three games? As Gary Cohen pointed out in Monday's telecast, Bonds was frozen by a John Franco changeup to close Game 2. He popped out to Edgardo Alfonzo just prior to Benny Agbayani's walk-off home run in Game 3.

And, he made the final out of the series by flying out to Jay Payton to end Game 4.
Even though Game 3 of this series was a Saturday, I've always associated it with "Thank God It's Friday." That's where I was eating when Edgardo Alfonzo got the oft-forgotten game-tying hit off Giants closer Robb Nen in the bottom of the 8th inning. I scurried to work in time to see the contest's conclusion and had the pleasure of standing next to a Phillies fan when Benny Agbayani hit his walk-off home run. "Don't you think the Mets celebration was a little excessive?" he asked. I couldn't answer. I was too busy running victory laps around our newsroom.

In regards to Game 4, I spoke to someone with a strong connection to that game, from the losing end, and when I asked about Bobby Jones' near-perfect clinching performance, he huffed.

"Jones had nothing that day." Actually, I think the more appropriate term for the one-hitter, the best-pitched Mets game I've seen in person, would be "almost nothing."

To view the entire top ten, use the link above.

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