May 09, 2007

Yankees Losing More Interesting Than Mets In First?

Len Berman at, writes about the Mets, Yankees and which story is More important:

Sue is a die-hard New York Mets fan and, like most Met fans, it annoys her that the New York Yankees garner the most headlines.

The truth of the matter is a Yankee losing streak is more interesting than the Mets being in first place. But don't even try to make that case to a Met fan.

Last night I had no intention of leading with the Mets. We were going with the Yankees all the way. They opened a series with the Texas Rangers by winning big. Andy Pettitte pitched well and Alex Rodriguez hit his first home run in awhile, his Major League-leading 15th. Clearly the lead story.

On the air I told Sue I led with them because they were more interesting last night. There are about four criteria for determining the "lead story." Importance, timeliness, interesting in nature, and who cares about what. Last night the Mets were the most timely. Their "stuff" happened closer to airtime. They were also more interesting.

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