May 07, 2007

Will Pelfrey Ever Be A Number One Starter?

Over at Metscentric, they give their opinion why Mike Pelfrey will never be a number one starter:

I have now seen several of Mike Pelfrey's starts with the Mets and I don't think I'm going out on a limb stating that in my opinion, Pelfrey will never be a #1 starter with the Mets or any other major league team. Can he be a decent major league pitcher for a few years, along the lines of a Russ Ortiz or Steve Trachsel ? I'd say so. But someone to build the staff around ? No way. He simply doesn't impress me. His inability to throw pitches that batters swing and miss is what worries me most.

When he was drafted, after reading the scouting reports, I had visions of another Tom Seaver or Dwight Gooden. I'd have settled for a Ron Darling or Craig Swan. But if some team like Kansas City or Texas or St. Louis or Colorado or Florida feels that Pelfrey has ace potential and is willing to give up prime talent for him, I'd jump on it. Right now, I'm not proposing any deals because other than replacing injured players, the Mets have no immediate needs and I'm not suggesting dumping Pelfrey for a stopgap. But the longer the Mets hang on to Pelfrey, the more I feel he'll be exposed as ordinary and the less value he'll have. I hope I'm wrong on this, but so far I'm not sold on him at all.

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