May 24, 2007

Willie On Perez

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, writes about Willie Randolph and his comments on Oliver Perez in last night's win over the Braves:

“Another great outing for him…He’s just proving to me more and more that he can dig down when he has to and keep us on the game…

“He has a lot of confidence in his ability…I think he always knew he had good stuff. He’s just, kind of, you know, going after people – and that’s what you have to do. Be aggressive. You know, why tinker around with stuff when you can let your stuff work for you? He’s learning that. He’s done a nice job with that since he’s been here. So, if I had stuff like his I wouldn’t be afraid to throw strikes either…

“He’s done an excellent job, and this is another good game for him.”

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