June 13, 2007

2 Losses, Carlos Gomez, and a Turncoat Fan

It's almost more than I can bare, watching our beloved Mets lose 2 in a row to the Dodgers. Of course, I wore my Mets' gear to both games, and the heckling I received this year was the worst in my 15 years living in SoCal. I guess that's what happens when you knock their team out of the play-offs so handily last season. I did have great seats both nights, with varying perspectives - over first base in the top section Monday (thanks, Lynn) and down the left field line, 7 rows back, on Tuesday (thanks, Brandon). While there were lots of Mets' fans around, there was one, in particular, who made my stomach turn. He stands about 6 feet, and weighed at least a good 250 pounds. He began the game boisterously rooting for the Mets, and I learned he's originally from Brooklyn. Well, that's where the similarites between us ended, because, right after the 3 homers in a row, someone in his party bought him a Dodgers shirt, and he proceeded to show his fat belly as he threw down his Mets' shirt and put on his Dodgers' shirt, to the glee of the crowd. I was sick to my stomach, and yelled at him "et tu, Brutus?!" Of course, his Shakespearian knowledge was lacking, and he looked at me like I had 3 eyes on my head, but the mere thought that he would bow down to peer pressure set a bad example for the kids with him, and the fact that he began cheering for the Dodgers says, in my book, at least, that he doesn't deserve to EVER wear the beloved Blue & Orange again!! Enjoy the Carlos Gomez photos...

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