June 13, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Another Bat On The Way?

I’m trying to stay optimistic as much as I can, but I’m starting to feel like the Mets will never win another game this season. Is there any chance that Omar adds another bat to help get the offense going?

Mike via E-mail

There has been a lot of speculation for two outfielders (Jermaine Dye and Alex Rios) so far.

Does that mean that Minaya is going to add one of them? Who’s to say?

I would be ripe with goose bumps if Minaya did make a trade to bring in right fielder Alex Rios. He’s one of my favorite outfielders, if you didn’t get that from yesterday’s posts.

The one thing that is for certain is that the Mets will get out of this slump they’ve dug themselves into and continue to march on.

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