June 06, 2007

Cliff Is Missed

Feeding off of the previous post by Mike Nichols of Mets Blog, I want to ask a question.

Do you, personally, feel that the Mets would have been better off keeping Cliff around or that the right move was made when Moises Alou was brought into the mix?

The Mets did make the right choice in letting Cliff walk and go after a better interest. I feel, they didn’t however make the right choice in this case. Let’s face the facts.

Alou is a better hitter for average and home run producer, but Cliff is Cliff. I always knew where we stood with him. With Moises, I have no idea what’s going to happen to him on a daily basis.

Floyd was a part of those mets that were just retched and helped Piazza carry them to mediocrity. Without those tow guys, I don’t know where the Mets would have been.
Maybe I’m just being partial, but to me, Cliff Floyd was a Met and shouldn’t have been let go without a fight.

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