June 18, 2007

Delgado Has Lost His Fire

Carlos Delgado looks like Frodo about halfway through Return of the King. You know, Frodo's at the point where he knows he needs to keep on going, but the ring is just too much to bare. Sam Gamgee has to drag him up Mount Doom, and it appears they have come all this way just for Frodo to fall apart.

Yup, that's Delgado. Sam Gamgee is, of course, David Wright, the only Met carrying any load at this point. The problem with this analogy is Frodo ultimately succeeds. Delgado's not looking like he's doing anything successful anytime soon.

Carlos Delgado has lost his fire. Did you see how fast he wanted to get off the field in the 9th inning last night against Mike Myers? Myers third strike barely reached home plate before Deglado was on his way to the dugout. He wanted to go run and hide.

Where have the fist pumps gone after a good play at first base or a clutch double play? Where is the menacing stare he puts on when he's up with runners in scoring position? Why is he swinging with such an uppercut that it looks like he's using a pitching wedge instead of a baseball bat?

Carlos Delgado needs an enema. So do the Mets at this point. But I know if Delgado turns it around so will the ball club. A .225 average is not going to cut it. I'd rather see Green at first base if this keeps up.

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