June 11, 2007

Dunn Done In Cincy? Trade Talks Begin Heating Up...

It's only the start of June, but trade talks are heating up, and at the top of the list is slugging, no-field Adam Dunn of the last-place Cincinnati Reds. Dunn, according to SI's great Jon Heyman, might be the first of many sluggers to be traded in the next few weeks. To read Heyman's article, click here. Dunn is NOT someone the Mets' will be looking at, and most of the names being bandied about, from Dye to J. Jones, don't really excite me at the cost of giving up any of our young talent. I think the team we have is the team we'll go to the wire with, except, of course, for the additions of Pedro and Sanchez when they are healthy enough to join the team in, hopefully, August. This is, however, our third most favorite time of the year (after opening day and the winter meetings, of course..) Keep posted to our sites for news on trades as they happen!

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