June 11, 2007

Missing In Action

I guess as a Mets fan, I’m always optimistic. I always think that a bad situation will get better or injury prone player will get it together quickly.

In the case of Moises Alou, I was extremely optimistic. I was almost chasing the rainbow to find the pot of gold, to put it one way.

Alou has only played in 30 games this season and was supposed to be out for 15 days, at the most. Instead he’s been missing in action for over a month and there’s no signs of a return date. This would have been a good risk, if the Mets didn’t have to give up their first round draft pick. That’s what makes me regret the trade every day Alou isn’t in the line up.

When Alou’s been in left field, he’s been everything I could ask for. A little slow, but goes after each ball like his life depended on it. He was hitting at .318, with 2 home runs, 13 RBI’s and has a stolen base.

That’s great, but where is he now that the Mets need his bat? He’s rehabbing his pulled left quad. A pulled muscle! I know he’s not a young guy anymore, but come on.

I hope that he can come back, shortly, and give the Mets an energy injection that they ever so need. But, as of now, the Mets need him and he’s not there.

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