June 11, 2007

A Need To Start A Fire

For one reason or another, the Mets need another big bat in the lineup. Whether it be a bat for average or home runs doesn’t matter. It seems that the Mets just need another igniter to set things up for them.

Now I’m not saying that the Mets need to trade away prospects to get him. What I’m saying is that someone needs to step up and provide some punch. Besides Jose Reyes and David Wright, hardly any Met has come through lately.

Beltran is still hurting, no matter what he may tell us, and Delgado may have 10 home runs, but has shown no signs of getting his average over .the .240 mark. Lo Duca should be moved back to the number two spot in the line up so that he can do what he did best last year, move Reyes.

Hopefully with the return of Jose Valentin and Shawn Green, the Mets can regain some momentum going into the series against the Dodgers.

My guess (Willie always does something we don’t expect) is the rotation will pan out like this:

Lo Duca

I can deal with this. But I would prefer to switch Gomez and Lo Duca.

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