June 14, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Adam Dunn

Mets Fever has a nice article on Adam Dunn, who could be had for the right price. What are your thoughts on it?

Tony via E-mail

For those of you who don’t frequent Ed Ryan’s Mets Fever (you should be), here’s what he
had to say:

Could the Mets become interested in Adam Dunn, the price would be high and it would show little faith in Alou's ability to recover. Dunn is only 27 y/o in seven years with the Reds has a lifetime batting average of .246 with an OBP .377 and a SLG of .513, the last three seasons he has hit 40 or more HRs. Dunn is predominantly a left fielder but has spent as many as 44 games in a season at first (2002). Although the Mets aren't mentioned in the article Ken Rosenthal describes why Dunn maybe available.

My feelings on Dunn have stayed the same since I first saw him, don’t like him at all. He’s too much of a swing for the fences kind of player, with no plate discipline. Also, the Reds are sure to be looking for way too much for him. My guess is a Major League ready outfielder and one, or maybe even more top level prospects.

I say, let another team eat up the rest of this year’s contract, give away their future and live with the results for years to come. The Mets have, too many times, tried to fix a situation with these hired guns and wound up kicking themselves for it in the long run.

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