June 05, 2007

Give Lo Duca His Extension

I know that the Mets won’t give Paul Lo Duca the contract extension that he wants because of a fear of his age and him breaking down this year. I don’t however get how they can look at the available catchers this off season and not notice that Lo Duca is one of the top four catchers that are going to be available (others: Jason Kendall, Jorge Posada and Ivan Rodriguez) and that none of them are in the prime of their career.

Lo Duca is hitting .307, has 2 home runs, 14 runs batted in and 2 stolen bases so far this season. That’s not bad for a catcher who’s 35.

I say giver him a one year extension, with an option for the 2009 season if he meets certain criteria. They have everything to loose and relatively nothing to gain.


Anonymous said...

Michael Barrett.

John Peterson said...

Michael Barrett.