June 12, 2007

The Return Of Green

Steve Popper at North Jersey, writes about Shawn Green and his first day back in the lineup:

"It's a good day and it makes it a little more interesting for me to be here in L.A.," Green said. "More importantly, we've had a rough go the last week or so, so hopefully we'll turn it around here."

He will wear a guard over his foot and will have it taped every game. Manager Willie Randolph kept him out one extra day when he was eligible to return, letting Ben Johnson spend one more day on the roster Sunday in Detroit. But Monday Randolph penciled Green into the No. 2 spot in the batting order with no tests of minor league rehab assignments.

He didn't seem worried, which made his return to Los Angeles fitting. Green had his most productive seasons here, his laid-back demeanor providing a perfect accompaniment to the glitter -- Monday included appearances by Victoria Beckham, Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Kimmel.

"I played here a long time," Green said. "I'd say I basically played my prime years here. To me, it's always a special place.

"It was nice to wake up in your own bed every day," added Green, who grew up in Southern California and still resides in Newport Beach. "It was, I think on the West Coast it's the closest thing to playing in New York. The intensity level still can't compare, but here and San Francisco are the two most intense places to play out there."

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