June 12, 2007

Rios Part Two

Going back to the Alex Rios post, I want and maybe the Mets need this to happen to wake them up from this heavy slumber they’ve recently fallen into.

The only problem with this deal would be Moises Alou. The Mets really backed themselves into a corner with that deal. If the Mets would have started with Milledge in Left instead of signing Alou, this problem would have been made a lot easier. It might have even boosted Milledge’s value to the point that the Mets could have positively made the deal already.

The Mets were linked to Rios trade talks last season before they acquired Shawn Green. I have no idea if that rumor was true, if the Mets or Jays backed out or if there was just no common ground for either team to hash a deal out.

I guess that if Omar did get Rios, Alou and Green would platoon. That seems to be the only feasible solution and one I wouldn’t mind seeing.

I know that I’m probably dreaming, but here’s my guess at what the batting order would reflect:

Alou / Green
Lo Duca

Not too bad…

Mets Give: Lastings Milledge, Jason Vargas and Aaron Heilman

Blue Jays Give: Alex Rios

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