June 18, 2007

Something Must Be Done About Beltran And Delgado

The Mets are now three and twelve in June. Thins is an embarrassment to the team, the fans and City. They haven’t hit when they needed, pitched when they needed or fielded when they needed. What is going on?

Carlos Beltran is complaining about his quad and how that’s rendering him ineffective. Well if it’s hurting the team, as it has, then maybe Willie should put him on the Disabled List and give the playing time to someone who will contribute.

Carlos Delgado can’t seem to get it together. How about calling up a first base prospect to take his place while he rides the pine for a week or two. It can’t be any worse than he’s hitting right now.

Those two bats in the order are supposed to be the anchor of the line up, but instead they’ve turned into dead weight.

Something must be done about these two and it has to be done before the losing streak gets any deeper into the season.

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